Self Portrait Tips

The Secrets For Taking A Great Self-Portrait

Taking a great self-portrait goes well beyond that of taking a selfie. A self-portrait should capture a piece of your personality and style. Old Masters, such as Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci, devoted significant time to paint their portraits in pencils or paints. Fortunately, it is much simpler to create a self-portrait in modern times, thanks to the advent of the digital camera. Here are the steps that the professionals recommend.

Professional Hair And Makeup

You’ll want your self-portrait to stand out, and having your hair and makeup did professionally is one of the surest ways to ensure that it does. Too many people make the make the mistake of convincing themselves that they can do it on their own, without realizing that the camera leaves no margin for error. It picks up everything and freezes it in time.

Celebrities, male and female alike, know this. They realize that it takes a bit more effort when in front of a camera. Professional hair stylists and makeup artists know how to make your hair have that extra little flash that says, “Look at me!”

The Setup

Select a clean location for your shoot, which will limit any possible problems from occurring. Place the stool or chair that you intend to sit on at least several feet away from any backdrop. This will help to eliminate shadows. Marking the spot with painter’s tape will ensure that you return to the exact position if your camera requires manual focusing.

Place your camera tripod about 5 feet in front of you, depending upon your lens focal length, and attach your camera. Place your computer or monitor within viewing distance so that you can observe the shots as you take them. Set up your tether cord. Make sure your dress is not wrinkled! This will need to be purchased for your particular camera. It’s recommended to buy a tether that is at least 15 feet long or longer. Tape down any cords so that you won’t trip as you travel to and from your camera.

Fire up whatever software you’ve chosen to tether to your camera, and set up your lighting. Be sure to test your lighting with a pocket wizard or another tool, to achieve optimum effectiveness. Take a few test shots before beginning, and be sure to look into the lens, and not your viewing screen, when you do.

The Shoot

From here how you progress will be determined by the equipment that you are using. In some cases, you’ll be able to use a timer or a phone app to focus and take your shots. In other cases, you’ll need to manually adjust the focus for every picture.

Try to make your poses look natural. Avoid squinting, or straining your facial features too harshly as you smile. You’ll find that you’ll tire as the shoot progresses, so don’t be afraid to take a few rest breaks.

Experiment with as many poses as is necessary to capture the shot that you’re seeking. It may even be necessary to make some lighting and angle changes as you go. It may take some time, but eventually, you’ll capture that magical, perfect self-portrait.

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