Search Engine Optimization vs Pay Per Click Marketing

SEO vs. PPC: And the Differences in Value

Organizations great and small are all looking to succeed at the online marketing game. The most viable way to succeed here is to the favor of the search engines. Because more visitors will arrive at your site after being directed there by the search engines than via direct URL entry.

According to some statistics held by the Forrester Company, Jupiter Research, 85% of all online traffic finds its desired location through the search engines they employ.

This underscores the well-known fact that a strong brand presence with the search engines is the best way to reach the customers that are also looking for you and your products. This then takes us to the next big question; do you gain this presence through SEO (Search Engine Optimization and organic search results) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click and Sponsored links and Google Ad campaigns).

When applied correctly, both of these campaigns had great advantages to offer regarding helping you reach that target audience. Nevertheless, they are both very different and can offer different advantages to different businesses.

Following is an overview of the benefits and cost of each of these online marketing methods.
The true advantage of PPC is speed and growth. When you use PPC, you can be on the front page for a wide variety of search responses that you choose.

Of course, the cost for these terms can range anywhere from a coupe pennies to many dollars for a click. Additionally, you will want to hire a professional to manage the campaign if you don’t have lots of experience with choosing the best terms and distributing resources effectively in these campaigns. In other words, the PPC campaign, effective as it can be, will begin to get costly quickly especially when done properly — but when done improperly it is ineffective.

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, SEMPO, has estimated that 87% of all dollars spent on search engine marketing go to PPC and only 11% to SEO. That means 1 billion on SEO for every $10 Billion spent on PPC.

The staggering fact about this figure is that SEO is 5X as effective in the long term as PPC. So, why would anyone spend so much on PPC? The answer: Time and place! PPC is an especially good way for a startup company to get their name and products out there and start building essential brand recognition while simultaneously launching an SEO campaign.

Limited time offers, special events and product launches could also be good reasons to invest in PPC. Furthermore, PPC is a far better option for businesses that deal in products rather than services.

However, if you are looking for a long-term solution to improving your internet marketing and finding the largest number of clients, SEO is the way to go and provides the best value. You will find the progress is slow, and you can’t expect to hit the front page overnight. But the costs are affordable and the progress made is solid.

In the end, you see that SEO is important to the long-term goals for internet marketing, while PPC can provide important solutions for quickly building awareness and gathering clients at a somewhat increased price.

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