When Should You See A Sex Therapist?

When Should You See A Sex Therapist?

A sex therapist is a psychologist who encourages people to talk about their sex lives so they can come to a solution for their sexual problems. Let’s talk about sex. Although the media portrays the average person as oversexed, the fact of the matter is that many people have issues with sex. And these issues can have a basis in a person’s physiology, relationships, and personal history. So, when should you see a sex therapist?

The most obvious reason for seeing a sex therapist if you are having physical issues that are limiting your ability and that of your partners to enjoy sex. These include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, inability to achieve an orgasm, etc. If you are having any of these problems, you will want to make an appointment with a sex therapist. Thankfully for you, sexual problems tied to the body’s functioning are the easiest ones to treat, and most patients only need to have one to two sessions to improve their sex lives.

The second reason for seeing a sex therapist is when sex has become a battleground for the parties involved, for example, the husband wants a threesome, but the wife doesn’t. Or the husband can’t be bothered to brush his teeth before sex. All these issues are expressions of a power struggle going on between both parties. If you are having these problems now, make an appointment with the therapist’s couch right away. Most people like to wait many years before they consult with a professional, and this often leads to six months of therapy as well as marriage counseling.

Sex problems arising from childhood trauma and abuse take the longest to treat because it gets to the heart of a person’s psyche. People who have suffered abuse as children tend to have difficulty feeling a connection to anyone, and this often leads to sexual problems in the relationship. Not everyone who has been abused need years of therapy, though, and how long a therapy last is often determined by how long the abuse lasted, who the abuser was, and if there was violence involved.

Aside from the issues mentioned above, anyone can see a sex therapist for straight and scientific answers to the most curious questions about sex, orgasms, erections, and other topics, including taboo fantasy. A sex therapist has the experience to answer any questions related to sex.

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